What are the objectives of the festival?

  • Fighting and preventing the use of drug abuse through educational measures.
  • To save venues where emerging artists have a platform to perform.
  • To encourage entrepreneurs to invest in the nighttime economy without a cloud hanging over them.
  • Change how authorities view youth culture and nightlife industry and behaviour.
  • Profits will go towards supporting and enhancing the UK’s nightlife industry and drug-help organisations who aim to educate and assist.
  • By supporting nighttime industry bodies and pressure groups we will be able to pursue our goal of changing the guidance under the licensing act, helping to prevent what happened to us, happening to other nighttime venues.
  • It’s to raise awareness and to rally champions to protest against the inconsistency across the decisions to close venues.

With your help, we will return to our renowned urban festival site in Digbeth, home to MADE and CHAPTER, with a limited capacity of 12,000.*

*If by any means we are unsuccessful with our appeal, your ticket will automatically be refunded by Skiddle. Win or loose we have to make a noise.’


To buy tickets for this event please visit the events page: The Rainbow Festival: Wake Up tickets from Skiddle.

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