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It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we announce that all of our venues have been forced to close. This includes our home The Rainbow Warehouse, The Blackbox, The Roof Garden, The Arena and CRANE. Since the revocation of The Rainbow license we have had no choice other than to stop investing and promoting in Birmingham whilst we appeal, so all of our events and exciting projects are on hold.

We would like to profusely apologise to all our promoters, artists, agents and customers that have experienced any inconveniences, or problems, that have occurred as a result of The Rainbow Venues being forced to cancel shows. 

All festivals that are scheduled to take place on our site including MADE, CHAPTER and Swingamajig, will need to find a new home. All scheduled CRANE shows for the foreseeable future will also have to be cancelled: for updates on this, please follow individual promoters on social media.

This can only be described as a devastating few weeks for Birmingham’s night time economy.

A special thank you to NTIA, Skiddle, our suppliers and the massive support we have received from the industry and our loyal customers from up and down the country and across the world.

The authorities need to acknowledge the huge significance The Rainbow Venues have, to millions of visitors to Birmingham, and what impact it will have on the the cities nighttime economy. We don’t want to silence our voice. We want our voice to be heard and we want to see if we can make a difference. 

We need your help to appeal for justice it’s time to #EDUCATENOTREVOCATE.



  • 350,000 visitors this year already.
  • We employed over 65 people.
  • We directly inputed over 2 million pounds to the local economy last year.
  • We offer affordable, and free venue hire to students, universities and charities. 
  • We provide a platform for young creatives, artists and musicians, funding not-for-profit projects.
  • We are the UK’s most unique urban festival site with a capacity of 15,000.
  • We were voted by industry professionals to be in the top 100 clubs in the world. 
  • MADE Festival was nominated two years in a row for best Metropolitan festival. 



  • We did not breach our license conditions, we were informed that we were completely compliant, yet still had our licence revoked. This is why we will be appealing.
  • The appeal can take between 3/4 months.
  • It can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  • Premises in Bristol and Plymouth, have also had tragic losses of life. They didn’t breach so they haven’t had there license’s revoked. We need some consistency across the country.
  • If someone breaks the law, should the premises lose it’s licence or should the individual be held accountable?
  • The Rainbow Venues has some of the most stringent drugs policies and measures in place in the country to help prevent the use of illegal drugs. Is closing down venues that pro-actively demonstrate this the sensible thing to do?


We need help to make a real change. We need support to:

  • To provide funds to appeal against the decision to revoke The Rainbow license.
  • To provide cash flow to begin a landmark annual festival to create a universal voice.
  • Help prevent suppliers of The Rainbow Venues going into administration.
  • Keep rent and rates up to date across the venues so we have a home to go back to after the appeal.


What are the objectives of the festival?

  • Fighting and preventing the use of drug abuse through educational measures.
  • To save venues where emerging artists have a platform to perform.
  • To encourage entrepreneurs to invest in the nighttime economy without a cloud hanging over them.
  • Change how authorities view youth culture and nightlife industry and behaviour.
  • Profits will go towards supporting and enhancing the UK’s nightlife industry and drug-help organisations who aim to educate and assist.
  • By supporting nighttime industry bodies and pressure groups we will be able to pursue our goal of changing the guidance under the licensing act, helping to prevent what happened to us, happening to other nighttime venues.
  • It’s to raise awareness and to rally champions to protest against the inconsistency across the decisions to close venues.

With your help, we will return to our renowned urban festival site in Digbeth, home to MADE and CHAPTER, with a limited capacity of 12,000.*

*If by any means we are unsuccessful with our appeal, your ticket will automatically be refunded by Skiddle. Win or loose we have to make a noise.’




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1 thought on “Our Statement”

  1. Robyn moscrop says:

    I have had the best nights of my life out in rainbow! I remember when you first reopened the new warehouse and it was a night I will never forget you hosted so many amazing acts!

    Birmingham has nothing to offer for those who don’t like to go to the pretentious clubs if rainbow closes, I haven’t been out since the license was revoked! MADE festival put Birmingham on the map for a fantastic day out in summer and something I hope will continue.

    Rainbow venues also makes Birmingham a more inviting city for students offering a completely unique night out where you feel at home straight away.

    I hope you win the battle and once again open your doors.

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